Sailing in Montenegro

Montenegro is a home to beautiful nature and rich history.
Every coastal town and village has its unique charm
and a story for a curious traveller.

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Sailing north from the town of Bar you can swim and snorkel in the clear waters of Maljevik or Pećin coves where the Queen’s Beach is located.

Best anchorages near Budva can be found near St Nicholas’ island and in two coves called Jaz and Trsteno. If the weather is calm you can spend the night on anchor or sail to the marina in Budva which is right across from the old town.

Trašte Bay is a favourite among sailors who don’t want to spend the night at a marina but would rather enjoy themselves in a charming little fishing village called Bigova. There is an excellent fish restaurant called Grispolis and they provide buoys for the yachts. In Oblatno, there is a beach bar called Almara beach but if you are looking for peace and quiet drop an anchor near a stonepit which is visible on the shore or in nearby Dobra luka cove.

During your sail towards Herceg Novi, the first town at the entrance of the Boka Bay, you can make a stop and visit the Blue Cave located on the Luštica peninsula. It is possible to enter into the cave by a dinghy. Buoys for yachts are provided in coves Zanjic and Mirišta and there is a nice restaurant called Ribarsko selo (Fishing village) between these two coves. You can spend the night in one of these coves or at the marina in Herceg Novi.

Boka Bay consists of four connected bays surrounded by high cliffs. It is not a fjord as it is often called, but a former river system.

Tivat bay is connected with Risan bay and Kotor bay through a narrow Verige strait, which is only 250 metres wide.

South of Tivat three islands divide the bay into two different parts. Best anchorage is near the island called Stradioti (a.k.a. St Marco). In nearby villages on the Luštica peninsula you can buy mussels directly from the locals who grow them there. There are also several restaurants which provide moorings for their guests. If you plan to spend the night at marina Portomontenegro in Tivat, do not forget that announcing your arrival is obligatory (VHF 71).

At the very end of Boka Bay you will find Kotor which is listed in the UNESCO List of world cultural and natural heritage. The marina in Kotor is located across the old part of the town fulfilled with churches, museums and beautiful buildings from different periods of time. If you climb to the St John’s fortress on the hill above the town you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the whole bay.

Bar – Maljevik – Queen’s beach – St Stefan – Budva – 16 nm
Budva – Jaz – Bigova – 8 nm
Bigova – Mirišta or Zanjice or Dobreč – Herceg Novi – 12 nm
Herceg Novi – Stradioti Island – Tivat – 8 nm
Tivat – Perast – Kotor – 9 nm
Kotor – Žanjic – Oblatna (Trašte Bay) – 18 nm
Oblatna – St Nicholas’ Island – Čanj – Bar – 25 nm

Bays suitable for anchorage:

During day
Maljevik 42 08 23.08 N 19 01 20.04 E
Queen’s beach (Pećin) 42 09 48.00 N 18 59 17.62 E
Katič 42 11 48.50 N 18 56 16.83 E
St Nicholas’ island 42 16 11.85 N 18 51 06.33 E
Trsteno 42 16 47.53 N 18 47 15.73 E
Oblatna 42 22 51.95 N 18 39 21.78 E
Dobra luka 42 22 02.58 N 18 38 18.32 E
Mirišta 42 23 41.21 N 18 34 38.49 E
Rose 42 25 35.74 N 18 33 18.50 E

During day or night
Jaz 42 16 43.41 N 18 48 24.21 E
Bigova 42 21 20.09 N 18 42 11.92 E – (buoys available)
Žanjic 42 23 57.32 N 18 34 42.04 E (buoys available)
Stradioti 42 24 33.77 N 18 41 30.80 E (good for anchor)
Dobreč 42 24 43.52N 18 33 29.16 E


  • Island Katič across the town of Petrovac should be bypassed around 200 m from its south side.
  • When entering the marina in Budva, do not sail between island St Nicholas and Bečići, sail between the lighthouses at course 013.
  • When entering Trašte bay, you should bypass the lighthouse around 150 m.
  • NW from island Stradioti there is a shallow called Tunja.
  • In Strait Verige, you should be careful of the ferries Kamenari – Lepetani.


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AD Marina Bar, Montenegro (position 42 05 49.07 N, 19 05 19.25 E)
International airports: Podgorica – 40 km, Tivat 55 km

Transfers by minivan can be organised by our company. Minivan driver can wait while you shop in supermarket in Bar, free of charge.

Services and facilities available in marina

Filling station, restaurant, café, parking spots and sanitary facilities with showers.


For provisioning we recommend big supermarkets in Bar (Voli or HD Laković) which are close to the marina. Good quality fresh meat, domestic vegetables and milk products can be bought at green market (Bar Market) which is also located close to the marina.

On Arrival

Your yacht will be ready at 5:00 pm for boarding. Chart briefing and Boat briefings will be scheduled. The chart briefing describes the cruising area and any potential hazards. The yacht briefing introduces you to your yacht, its systems and rigging. It is important that all systems and equipment are fully understood. Briefings are mandatory. For the duration of your holiday, you will have 24 hour contact available with our base manager, who will be there to assist you if necessary.

On Departure

Yacht’s check must be done on Friday afternoon so arriving to marina on Friday till 6 pm is obligatory.
Check out time is until 9 am on Saturday.
Before you leave the yacht we require you to empty all cupboards and refrigerator of food and throw away and ensure that the boat is handed back to us in a clean and tidy state.

Sailing licenses

To charter in Montenegro, there must be at least one certified skipper over 18 years old. The skipper should be competent at handling a yacht in close quarters, anchoring and mooring in varying conditions and be able to use navigation and pilotage skills to plan the day’s sailing and know your position at any time. As a yacht skipper, you are required to have an official sailing license or a certificate issued by a government of state approved organization.

Location of the yachts:

Pier number 3, Gate G 3
Contact: +382 69 590 657

42º 05’ N, 19º 05’ E
VHF 09

As being our charter base berths in marina Bar are included in yacht charter price for our clients.

SERVICES: water, electricity, filling station, toilets, restaurant, café, WI-FI

42º 16' N, 18º50' E
VHF 8/16, +382 33 453 276

Marina is situated beside the old town Budva in the bay. Gas station is situated at the middle pier.

SERVICES: water, electricity, gas station, Wi-Fi

WARNING: Approach the port from the south through an excavated pass marked with lights west of the elongated, tall island of Sveti Nikola. Between the north-western cape of Sveti Nikola Island and the port, there is an underwater reef marked with a buoy and light at its shallowest point (4.9 m).

42º 23' N, 18º 40' E
VHF 68 +382 67 697 924

Services: water, electricity, 24-hour manned and CCTV security, refuse, grey and black water disposal, Wi-Fi, Yacht Club

42°27’N 18°32’E

SERVICES: Water, electricity, filling station

42º 25´ N, 18º 47´ E

+382 32 325573, VHF Channel 16

SERVICES: Water, electricity. Filling station is situated at the north side of the building of Harbor authorities in the river Skurda. The port's Nautica Club provides internet access, tourist information, showering facilities and a bar.

There is also a little marina in village Prcanj, 1.5 nm from Kotor town.

More information, location 42° 26΄ 39΄΄ = N 18° 45' 13''

Marina Portomontenegro
42˚26.03’N 018˚41.33’
+382 32 661 061 VHF 71

* Announcement is obligatory
SERVICES: Porto Montenegro is a full service, world class marina that is homeport to some of the finest yachts afloat.

Daily berth rates in marinas

Prices for a daily berth in marinas for 45 ft yacht in high season are 80 € in Budva and Portomontenegro and around 45 € in Herceg Novi and Kotor.

Coastal belt of Montenegro enjoys typical Mediterranean climate. Average July temperatures are 28°C-30°C; average annual sunshine is over 2,500 hours with a summer average of ten hours a day. Swimming season therefore takes place from June until mid-September.

Sea temperature range during summer is 25-28°C. The tidal range is small, only one to two feet.


Bura is a dry, usually strong and cold squally wind blowing from NNE to ENE along the coast, during the whole year, but more frequently during winter months. During summer it lasts usually one day and sometimes even just several hours.

Levant is a type of Bura, blowing from east. It is short-lived, steady and moderately strong. It is a transitional wind when Jugo becomes Bura or vice versa.

Jugo is a warm, moist wind of moderate speed and steady direction. It mostly blows from SE (Jugo-Široko) to S (Jugo-Oštro). It can create very high waves and usually brings rain. In the South Adriatic, Jugo is stronger and more frequent than in the North Adriatic, during all seasons, especially from March to June (in the North Adriatic) and from autumn to the end of winter (in the South Adriatic). Jugo is rare during the summer and it usually lasts no longer than one day.

Mistral  is a pleasant and refreshing wind of even and soft to moderate strength. It is followed by nice and steady weather. It starts blowing around noon as a soft breeze, and reaches its peak around 4-5 pm; it usually ends before sunset. It starts as a southwest wind and it turns to northwest.

Beside local winds on the Adriatic, there is also local and short-lived bad weather called Nevera or Neverin, which is a type of sudden storm. Nevera can happen in all seasons, but it is more frequent in the summer. Nevera’s features are strong wind gusts, heavy rain, lightning and thunder as well as a temperature drop. Black clouds from the West predict Nevera.

Sailing requirements

As a yacht skipper, you are required to have an official sailing license or a certificate issued by a government of state approved organization.

Adriatic Sea
Wind/Sea model
Windfinder Bar
Windfinder Budva
Windfinder Tivat


Currency is EURO, even though Montenegro is not in EU.

Travel documents

Passport or other internationally recognised documents. Tourists can stay in Montenegro up to three months based on a short stay visa or without visa. Citizens of the EU, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and Israel do not need visa as well as the countries from the region. For additional information contact diplomatic representative offices of Montenegro abroad or Consular Department within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

Credit cards

Credit cards are widely accepted throughout the country.

Time zone

Montenegro is in the Central European time zone (GMT+ 1). On the last Saturday in March, the time zone switches to GMT + 2, until the last Sunday in October.


The standard voltage on all yachts is 12 volts. Electricity in Montenegro is 220 Volts, and uses the standard European 2 pin plug.

International calling code


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