This sleepy baroque town was famous for its sailors whose ships sailed all over the world.

Sailing in Montenegro

Perast had great strategic importance in the past.

In the 17th century amaritime college was established in the town. The college was so famous that even the Russian emperor Peter the Great sent young noblemen there.

Perast has only one main street by the sea but nineteen old captain’s villas and several churches. St. Nicholas Church, situated on the main square, dominates the town.

Our Lady of the Rock

One of the most attractive traditional celebration in Boka Bay is Fašinada.

It is unique to the whole Mediterranean coast.

On the 22nd of July, the inhabitants commemorate the year 1452 when a group of sailors found an icon of the Virgin on a small crag in the sea.

After every successful voyage sailors would lay a rock in this spot and this is how the construction of the island of Our Lady of the Rock began.

Every year people bring stones in their boats and drop them into the sea around the island.

The International sailing regatta, Fašinada Cup celebrates rich maritime heritage of the area and it is organized every year on the same day.

The church on the island was painted by Tripo Kokolja, a famous seventeenth century painter from Perast. Visitors also can see an unusual tapestry to which is related a sad love story. Jacinta Rabbit-Miljović was weaving the tapestry for 25 years while waiting her beloved to return from the sea. She weaved in the tapestry her golden hair in the youth and silver in the old age.


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