"At the moment of birth of our planet, the most beautiful meeting of land and sea was on the Montenegrin coast." - Lord Byron



Montenegro has a typical Mediterranean climate with gorgeous springs and lush greenery all around and warm summers. During the year on the Montenegrin coast there are on average 2,500 hours of sunshine!

Sailing season in Montenegro lasts from April until the end of October.

The summer temperatures generally range between about 25°C at night and 39°C during the day. Sea temperature range during summer is 25-28°C.

The summers on the coast are always hot and dry. If rain does come, it's in the form of a short, intense storm that will be over in a short period of time.

June and September are generally fine for swimming but it will be a bit cooler. The duration of bathing season is approximately 180 days and Mistral blows almost every day during hot summer months.



Montenegro is located one hour from Rome, two hours from Paris, two and a half hours from London and three hours from Moscow.

Two of the country’s national airports are close to our base in marina Bar (Podgorica 40 km, Tivat 55 km). Transfers by minivan can be organised by our company. Minivan driver can wait while you shop in supermarket in Bar, free of charge.

The national airline is Montenegro Airlines. Flights to Montenegro depart from various European capitals (Belgrade, Frankfurt, Moscow, Zurich, Paris, Rome and Vienna) year-round for Podgorica Airport and Tivat Airport.



Montenegro is a natural beauty. Small it is, but full of contrasts. The sea, mountains, lakes, rivers and canyons leaves visitors captivated!

Montenegro has five national parks and two of them are close to the coast.

Skadar Lake is close to our charter base in marina Bar (40 minutes by car). It is the biggest lake in the Balkans, home to many bird species and a place of incredible beauty.

National park Lovćen is a mountain with its highest peak of 1657 m and a home of the mausoleum of 19th century ruler Petar II Petrović Njegoš, one of the greatest poets, philosophers and statesmen of Montenegro.

During your sailing vacation in Montenegro you may also visit Ostrog monastery, old Montenegrin capital Cetinje, Ada Bojana and old town Ulcinj.

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Montenegro has a long and eventful history. It was always a meeting point of east and the west. It had republic status within Yugoslavia, after that it was in federation with Serbia and it is independent from 2006 which makes it the youngest European state.

Here are some interesting facts which illustrates its long history and culture:

  • Only a year after America was discovered (1493), "Octoich" was printed in Cetinje, the first book ever printed on the Balkans.
  • The cathedral of St Triphun in Kotor, built in 1166 is one of the oldest churches in Europe. It is 69 years older than Nottre Dame Cathedral.
  • One of the first acknowledged nautical schools in the world, was opened in Perast by Marko Martinović, a famous sailor from Boka Bay.
  • Ivo Vizin, a navy captain from Prčanj, is the first man from the south Slavic countries who sailed around the world between 1852 and 1859.


Montenegrin cuisine best combines the Mediterranean and northern regional cuisines.

A traditional form of cooking is called ispod sača (sač is pronounced such). The meat is slowly roasted in the ashes under an iron pan. The result is a delicious fall-apart roasted meat that is served with potatoes prepared the same way. You should try lamb or veal prepared this way. Apart from the local fresh fish you may also try black and white risotto made with squid and squid ink and octopus salad. Meat lovers will enjoy in Njeguški steak, Karađorđeva šnicla, ćevapi and pljeskavica.

Appetizers are usually Njeguski pršut (prosciutto), Njeguški chees and kajmak.

The Montenegrin wines have an old and long tradition. Vranac is one of the best known Montenegrin wines. The most popular brandy is "lozova rakija" which is well-known and very strong. Plum and pear brandies are also very popular. Local beer is called Nikšićko, and it comes in both light and dark variants.



There are all sorts of restaurants all along the coast, from traditional family-run konobas to exclusive restaurants.

We recommend Portofino, Ciao and Konoba Kula in Bar, Grispolis in Bigova, Jadran kod Krsta in Budva, Konoba Feral in Herceg Novi, Ribarsko selo in the cove Zanjice, Galion in Kotor, Pantagana in Dobrota, near Kotor and Prova in Tivat.

Casper is intimate little bar in Budva’s old town where you can enjoy in good music and casual atmosphere. If you are into good wines look for the Old Winery in Kotor’s old town.

For young people looking for a good party we recommend the Almara beach club in Oblatno and Mr Stefan Braun in Bečići near Budva.

Before visiting big nightclubs like Top hill in Budva and Maximus in Kotor, check the evening music programme in advance because some nights focus on the locally popular Turbo Folk, while others will involve international DJ sets.

In Tivat you will find two smaller nightclubs called Platinum and My club, both close to Portomontenegro.



Price for a daily berth for a 45 ft sailing yacht in high season (July and August) is 80 € in Dukley marina in Budva and in Portomontenegro in Tivat, and around 40 € - 50 € in Herceg Novi and Kotor. Marina in Bar is free of charge for our guests.

Anchorages are free of charge and if you stay on a buoy which belongs to some of the restaurants it is expected that you will be their guest.

Diesel fuel costs around 1 €/1 l.

Cost of a meal for one person in a mid-range restaurant is around 15 €, including a drink.

In supermarkets you will pay around 6 € for 1 kg of meat, 1 € for 0,5 l can of domestic beer and 4 € for a 0,7 l bottle of mid-range domestic wine.

For provisioning we recommend big supermarkets in Bar (Voli or HD Laković) which are close to the marina. When it comes to meat, domestic vegetables and milk products, we recommend visiting the local green market (Bar Market), which is also located in close proximity to the marina in Bar.