A romantic place where the past coexists with the present.

Sailing in Montenegro

Kotor was a city of traders and famous sailors. The Old town was built between the 12th and 14th century.

The buildings are crisscrossed with narrow streets and squares.

One of the most recognisable symbols of the city is the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon (Sveti Tripun),which was built in 12th century in honor of the patron and protector of the city. Several other old churches, the Prince’s Palace from the 17th century and the Napoleon’s Theatre from the 19th century are all treasures that are part of the rich heritage of Kotor.

Carnivals and festivals are organized each year to give additional charm to this most beautiful city of the Montenegrin coast.

The International Summer Carnival is visited by several thousands of people and many carnival groups from Europe participate in this event.

The night of Boka is a boat parade with entertainment and parties on town’s squares and fireworks. Refresh Festival is a music festival and it is hosting some of the bigger names of electronic music. All of them are held in August.

The perfectly preserved walls of Kotor are some five kilometres long and are a unique example of fortification architecture in Europe. They were gradually built between 9th and 19th centuries. Kotor is among few of Mediterranean towns which has preserved its fortification system up to today. The walls were one of the main reasons why the UNESCO put this city on the list of the world natural and cultural heritage in 1979.

At the top of the bastion you can find the fortress of Saint Ivan, reachable by walking along the walls.

The best time to climb the 1350 steps is during the morning or late afternoon. Wear a good solid shoes (not flip-flops) because the stairs are uneven in some places and bring a bottle of water. The whole hike in both directions takes around two hours. The entrance fee is 3 €. Climbing is not as easy as it may seems but you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the whole bay.


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