Herceg Novi

A town of eternal greenery, sun and stairs has always been the favourite place of many artists.

Sailing in Montenegro

Herceg Novi was founded in the late 14th century and it is amongst towns most recently built in Kotor Bay.

Novi means new and Herceg refers to Herceg (Duke) Stjepan Vukčić, who fortified the town in the 15th century.

The town has been attractive to many conquerors, whose traces we can spot today. From Turks, Spaniards, Venetians, Austrians, French and Russians, they all tried to take control over the Bay of Kotor through Herceg Novi.

We recommend visiting Homeland Museum, Turkish fortress known as "Kanli Kula" (blood tower) and Savina monastery which is 2 kilometers away from the town.

This is the most beautiful Eastern Orthodox complex in Boka dedicated to Saint Sava.

Herceg Novi’s flora is especially interesting, because in the town and in the surroundings there are several hundred various plant species growing that come from all the meridians of the world.

The most wide spread is mimosas, a flower of Australian origin which was brought at the beginning of the 20th century by the sailors.

Every February, in honor of the mimosa flower which is believed to herald spring, the town of Herceg Novi hosts a festival called the Mimosa festival.

Island Lastavica

Also known as Mamula, after Lazar Mamula, Austro-Hungarian general who built it in 19th century to provide defense from enemy ships.

During World War Two the fort was converted into a concentration camp by the forces of fascist Italy led by Mussolini.

The Government is planning to build a luxury tourist resort there. This endeavour was strongly condemned by the local community.


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