One of the oldest towns in the Adriatic surrounded by wonderful nature. Vivid night life, carnivals, festivals, rich history and beautiful beaches make Budva one of the main tourist spots in Montenegro!

Sailing in Montenegro

Old town

Budva was first inhabited 2,500 years ago. According to a legend it was founded by Cadmus the Phoenician, a hero exiled out of Thebes, who found shelter in this place for himself and his wife Harmonia.

Because of its harmony, tightly packed houses, church towers, public buildings and narrow streets, the old part of Budva is irresistibly attractive.

Much of the architecture in the Old Town is of Venetian design. There are three main churches in the old town. The first is St. John’s which was built in the 7th century, second St. Mary’s of Punta dating from 840 and the third, The Holy Trinity church, which was built in 1804.

The Venetian walls of the Old Town are a famous tourist attraction. During summer this town turns into City theatre with many local and foreign performances.

Saint Stephen

From the 15th century it was home to the Montenegrin Paštrović tribe who found shelter from the attacks of pirates and the Turks.

Its depopulation began in 1950 and a series of luxury suites and rooms were built in the old stone houses. Today it is the home of famous Aman resort, but its historic exterior remains largely unchanged. The hotel-town was opened in 1960 and it has since been a holiday destination for celebrities from all over the world.

Saint Nicholas Island

There is a strip of shallow water between the island St Nicholas and the Slovenska beach which is only half a metre deep during low tide.

According to a legend, on his way from Budva to Mount Athos, St Sava was not able to board a boat because of the waves. So, he threw a few rocks into the sea, making a causeway that he used to board the galleon.


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