A great starting point for your sailing vacation in Montenegro.

Explore nearby national park Skadar lake and old villages
which are still of the beaten track of mass tourism!

Sailing in Montenegro

Old town Bar

Old town Bar (Stari Bar) is a thousand years old, dating back to Illyrian times. Unlike other old coastal towns it is located four kilometres away from the shore at the foot of mountain Rumija.
The main reason for this was its defensive position and sources of drinking water.

There are some historical remains such as the aqueduct (17th century), several churches from different periods of time, gunpowder house and a hammam (Turkish bath). Old town was heavily damaged by an earthquake in 1979 and is still not fully restored. The local community is trying to bring its old fame back.

There are several charming cafes and nice restaurants (Kaldrma, Konoba Kula, Konoba Spilja). Have a cup of Turkish coffee (kafa) and if you are having a dinner we recommend čevapčići (kebab).

King Nikola’s Palace

In 1885, King Nikola’s Palace was built near the seashore in the recently liberated town of Bar.

The palace was a gift to the King’s daughter – Princess Zorka and her husband, the soon-to-be King of Serbia, Petar Karađorđević.

The palace is the home to a collection of antique objects, traditional ethnic costumes and royal furniture.

There used to be a pier that was used as a mooring for boats and yachts in front of the palace.

King Nikola himself owned ten yachts and the most marvellous one, given to the King by the Turkish sultan, was a 48 metre long yacht called Rumija.

The yacht, remnants of which lie near the breakwater in Bar at a depth of merely eighteen metres, was used for carrying war material and the army during the Balkan Wars as well as World War I before it was destroyed by the Austro-Hungarian navy in 1915.

Old olive of Mirovica

The old olive tree at Mirovica is older than 2,000 years and it is claimed to be one of the oldest trees in the world.

It’s located near Stari Bar.

Many legends and myths are associated with the Old Olive of Mirovica.

One of the legends has it that whenever families had a dispute they would gather beneath the tree and helped by the magical nature of the olive, they would bury the hatchet. Thus it earned its name – Mirovica (derived from the word “mir” meaning peace).

National park Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake is close to our charter base in marina Bar (only 40 minutes by car).

It is the biggest lake in the Balkans, home to many bird species and a place of incredible beauty.

In this region there are 20 monasteries, churches, villages, fortresses and sacred monuments.

This lake is witness of Montenegrin history from 11th century up to now.

You can take a boat excursion, rent a bike, hike or visit some of the restaurants in Vir Pazar or Rijeka Crnojevića.


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